About ECN

The European Cremation Network (ECN) was established in 2004 by public and private crematoria managers from all over Europe. 

The goal of the ECN is:

  • to set up environmental standards which would be technically and financially acceptable in terms of emissions into the atmosphere;
  • to let them know by writing and publishing “a Manifesto of recommendations” (White Book);
  • to submit them to the consideration and reflection of regional, national and European competent authorities so that each of them could be inspired to set up their own regulations;
  • to inform in the widest possible way the representatives of the concerned funeral sectors.  

In 2008, the Manifesto of recommendations was brought to the attention of regional, national and European competent authorities. But the ECN still has a long way to go, since there is still no European environmental standard.  

In the meantime, the ECN has committed itself to another mission: to provide a platform on which the European crematoria and their stakeholders, as well as suppliers of crematoria equipment can network, share best practices and share information about the latest environmental, technical, ethical, cultural and commercial developments. Since 2004, the ECN has organized an annual “ECN meeting” to make this exchange between crematoria possible.  

Sharing best practices, network with crematoria professionals from all over Europe and learn about the latest inventions – that is what the annual ECN meeting is all about.  

In 2022, the ECN Meeting is held in Switzerland, in the town of Aarau. The host is Friedrich Schütz from the company Bürge Fischer (www.bfag.ch).  

The ECN is run by a committee which exists of several crematoria managers/directors and suppliers of crematoria equipment. The members of the committee work on a voluntary basis and are committed to achieving better cooperation between crematoria at European level.